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The magical scents abound....


During the month of May, June and July Provence and the southern Drome Provencal are picturesque with shades of lavender, red and yellow.... and every beautiful rose color you can imagine.

A Rose is not just a Rose..... In the month of May, everywhere you turn, you'll take pleasure in the beauty and aroma of May flowers. Yes we have to live with rainy days in April but my or my one wouldn't turn away the rain for the pleasure of May roses. It seems roses were designed to thrive in this area. No matter where you go, there are rose bushes filling the little voids, adding beauty and the ambiance you've heard so much about.

Discover Lavender.....Driving about you'll be engulfed in a heavenly meca of lavender scent most everywhere. Some areas are more plentiful with the lavender fields than others but trust me lavender fields are everywhere. To follow a specific route in your area, you simply need to stop into the local tourist offices. They will provide you with the most plentiful routes of lavender. In July, you'll watch farmers harvest their crops and distilleries processing the lavender filling the local villages with unbelievably calming and pleasant lavender air. Take photos and promenades in June, stroll the villages and stop at the distilleries to see the wonders of the old world processing.

During the lavender season, everyone seems to have a relaxed attitude.... and simply enjoy the beauty. The old saying "stop and smell the roses".... in Provence... we say, "stop and engulf yourself in lavender". It is only here for a short time a year.

Amazing fields of Poppies......While driving, you'll also be surprised to catch an occasional field of vibrant red poppies swaying in the spring breeze.... Step carefully for another incredible photo opt. Pull out out your pastels and attempt to capture the beauty. Finding these gems are not as easy as knowing the route. You see poppies pop about from one field to another from one olive field to another to one roadside collection to another. It's a surprise to find so don't whiz by. Stop and admire these Provencal beauties.

Come and explore.... the beauty is endless... the aroma unfordable.... oh yes.... and lets not forget the fresh "tastes" and incredible chefs and cooks waiting to tempt your taste buds

Bien Amicalement,